Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall again

This summer has been somewhat eventful for me and somewhat nondescript at the same time. I managed to have a great vacation in Gatlinburg , TN and completed my mission of visiting every state park in Kentucky. Actually that one was my girlfriends mission, I just accompanied her during her travels, it was a lot of fun nonetheless.

I also bought a new motorcycle which, I am hoping will offer me the opportunity to pack up and do some long distance cruising when the urge strikes me. I really enjoy the bike and it's a whole different feeling when I'm heading down the road to somewhere.

On the other hand the summer has been rather blah, mainly because of the weather. This seemed like one of those summers where it just never got to the point where I could call it a proper summer. It was more like a warmer than usual spring, complete with an overabundance of rain. The rather persistant rain really put a damper on a lot of outdoor stuff that I had planned to do this year. No camping for this kid.

Fortunately fall has arrived and the weather has been gorgeous for most of September and October. It really makes me wonder about the weather patterns around this place.

So my daughter is getting married in December before christmas. She sprung this one on me back in July and I have been wondering about her sanity ever since. I have to admit I do like the guy she is marrying and she certainly could have done a lot worse. The thing that gets me is that this is a girl who always swore that she would never get married and had no desire to have kids. Now she is telling me that she is feeling the urge and wants a family of her own. I have always wanted grandkids and since my son doesn't seem to be inclined to do anything about it I have pinned my hopes on my daughter. Now that she is getting married I guess I might have something to look forward to in the future.

I do have some trepidation about her marriage though. While she adamantly states that she is sure that this is what she wants the rest of us wonder about it. It just seems to unlike her so I suppose it's only natural to wonder a bit. I am happy for her though and since she is my baby, will always be behind her.

Last weekend my son and I went down to Palm Springs on a golf getaway. He has never been down to the States and had no idea what to expect. I had told him that I would take him down one day so we could do some male bonding and have a couple of rounds of golf at the time. In the end we had a wonderful trip. The golf was a lot of fun and we spent a lot of time exploring the place and taking in the sights. By the end of the trip Steve was ready to move down there. I guess that means he enjoyed himself. I told him we would probably do it again sometime if all went well.

Now christmas is sneaking up on me and I have to start considering presents for the family. As usual I have no idea what to get anyone. This is the part I hate about the holiday season. l never have any good ideas. It's going to be a lot of last minute shopping again. I'm open to suggestions. :)

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