Thursday, April 16, 2009

A new place

Well I have made the move into my new place and am almost all settled in. The pile of garbage in the yard grows larger each day as I unpack and find more stuff that I just don't want, need or like. Not to mention the pile of cardboard for the recyclers.

I finally have a place I can all my own. A plot of land that is all mine (well almost, I'm sure the bank would say something about it). Of course many grand ideas had to be compromised in order to be able to afford it but isn't that life?

I'm amazed as some of the stuff I had in storage and have been hanging on to for the last god knows how many years. Things such as a breadbox with a busted door. more parts for tvs and video palyers than I could ever possibly use and a number of fishing rods that would go great in a garage sale.

Every time I move I tend to downsize and get rid of more and more stuff. At this rate I won't have anything to my name if I move a few more times. Not sure if that would be a good thing or not. It probably would but I'm not in a hurry to find out. That time will come soon enough.