Sunday, March 11, 2012

Almost there

Well it's now almost mid March and how time has flown. I'm really looking forward to my upcoming trip. For those who don't know I am heading off to Okinawa at the end of the month to visit my daughter and her husband. I've never been to Japan before so this will be an interesting experience.

As a christmas present last year they offered to pay for me to get my Scuba certification so I could go diving with them while I was there. I only have 2 more dives to go and I'll be finished that. I have to make my way out to Victoria on Thursday to get the last couple of dives in. So far it's been a hoot and I can see why they like it so much.

The weather is warming up nicely around here and I can see spring is just around the corner. It's making me anxious to get my bike on the road. Last year sucked because summer came so late so I'm hoping this year will be better and I can get out riding earlier. I have a couple of good trips planned that will be fun if I can pull them off. It would be nice to have someone to ride with but if not I'll go alone.

This daylight savings thing screwed me up this morning. I set my alarm for the time I thought I would have to get up and sure enough the alarm went off just when I figured it would. The only problem was that I didn't know my alarm clock would automatically adjust for DST and I ended up awake an hour earlier than I needed to be. Of course there is no chance that I will remember this next year and I'll do the same thing. I did manage to get all the other clocks in the house switched over though so I won't be confused when I get home tonight.

I need a cup of tea now. All this typing has amde me thirsty. ;)