Sunday, July 18, 2010

Work and more

Once again vacation is over for the time being and I'm back at work. Not that I want to be but until I find someone to pay the bills or win the lottery I'm stuck with it. The job presents some unique challenges for me, such as how to motivate myself to stay awake when everything is running smoothly and there is nothing to do. I've found that one can only stare at a computer screen for so long before ones head approaches terminal velocity immediately prior to it making contact with the keyboard. Good thing it's the weekend and there's no one else around.

I'm still waiting for summer to appear in this area. It has been teasing me for a couple of months now but hasn't fully made an entrance. It seems every time I'm off shift the weather is more fall or spring like than summer. Of course when I'm on shift and stuck inside for 12 hrs a day the weather is beautiful outside. Conversely during the winter I love my job because I never have to step outside while I'm at work.

It never fails to amaze me how everyone complains about politicians but every election the same ones seem to get back into power. If you don't like them don't vote for them. Seems simple to me. If you don't have enough choices then make your own, form a new party. If you make sense to people they might actually have the guts to vote for you.

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