Sunday, July 29, 2012

A night at work

So here I am on night shift. The guy who is supposed to be on shift with me called in sick before I got here so it looks like i'm going to be alone tonight. Some people might think me strange but I actually prefer it this way. And not because I can slack off or something, I actually get more accomplished on a night shift when I'm alone than when I have a crew with me. Less babysitting and more actual work I guess. I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do tonight though. All the usual work has been taken care off and other than some bureaucratic paperwork there isn't a whole lot of actual required work to take care of. I guess it means I'll be doing some research tonight. My son arrived from Victoria just before supper tonight. I immediately dragged him over to my brothers place for supper where the family was gathered to celebrate my moms and nieces birthdays. Neither of which are actually on this date but hey, whats a few days among family. It will be good to spend a couple of days with him before he has to head out again. We are planning a couple of rounds of golf which should be fun. The boys will take care of him tonight while I'm at work. The radio station has just played the same song I've already heard twice today. It often amazes me that with all the possible songs out there they tend to play the same ones again and again with the odd new one tossed in there somewhere. The stations that play todays music are the worst offenders but even the ones that play odler music are guilty. What happened to variety??

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  1. I don't think there is anything such as music variety these days. I know that I can hear the same song up to four times at least in the space of 12 hours. It seems as though every DJ shift is obliged to play the top 40 during their time on air, padded with ads, inane talk and some "older" stuff.


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