Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring is sprung

Yes it seems like spring has really sprung around here. The weather has been mostly spring-like for the last few weeks and today I looked out my door and there was a robin sitting on the steps looking back up at me. I guess that's the official sign.

Every spring I tend to start to think more of my summer vacation and ball season and golfing and camping and fishing. All the sort of thing that I love doing but which are impossible to do during the winters up here. I keep thinking that one day when I retire I am going to make sure that I'm in a place that allows me to do this stuff year round. Or at least be able to travel to a place where I can do all that year round. Not sure where a place like that is but I'm sure there's one out there.

I recently started to try and contact some of my old friends from high school via facebook. It didn't take me long to discover that there were many of the kids I knew from back home online and in contact with each other. Slowly I've started to add them and make contact again. It's really interesting to see how people have grown and how much my memories of what they looked like are not really accurate. I see the pics of them now and think of how I thought they would look. Most of the time it's an epic fail as they look nothing like I remember them. I'm not sure if that means my memory is going or what. I have to admit it's been in the order of about 35 or more years since I've seen most of them so I'm sure that has something to do with it. It is neat to think that there was a time not too long ago when this sort of reconnection would have been next to impossible.

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  1. I am dying to go fishing again. One of my high school friends takes me to Isle Royale occasionally. Looking through your photo album on Tom's Territory made me wish I was there with you! Cool deal with the Jay & Chickadee.


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